Working for more than 25 years exclusively in the field of Railway Signaling, makes it possible not only to understand but to sense the concept of SAFTEY, the concept of RELIABILITY and AVAILABILITY , the concept of MAINTABILITY and the concept of MODULARITY. It gives the power OF VERIFICATION and VALIDATION and by all these, it gives the power to assure the client the good performance of the projects and the products.

We have made several versions of our products to best suit our clients’ requirements as well as updating our design with the new technologies.

The cost effective turnkey projects including Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning is recognized as the best client choice.

By this, the client does not worry about daily coordination between the individual partners , does not worry about the interfaces for system integration, does not worry about delay in total project caused by any partner and finally would be confident that the project will be carried out on schedule.

As we manufacture all the items of signaling system as a total solution for both main line and mass transit, the integration is fast and optimum with long term technical support since all items come from one source.

Simulators are our value added testing tools which enable us to make full testing of our systems in factory prior to delivery to site thanks to simulating all the objects of stations and lines as in actual conditions. Our fast execution time is mainly achieved due to factory full system testing as well as using tested prefabricated interconnection cables.



Maharan International is a professional company in the field of Design and Manufacturing of Main Line and Mass Transit Railway Signaling and Telecommunication systems.
We have a strong background of more than two and half decades of experience. We have a qualified and experienced team of engineers who have been involved in design and manufacturing of sophisticated state-of-the-art systems, considering SAFETY as the major concept of our products.

What We Do

We manufacture a full range of Railway Signaling systems and equipments. Our products are customizable and can be configured to meet a wide variety of client’s needs.


More important, we provide turn-key total solutions for our clients. Our scope of work is Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning, Training and After Sales support of Main Line and Mass Transit Railway signaling and telecommunication systems. Our prompt and dedicated after sales service aims to keep the client confident regarding the supplied systems.

Our Mission

Supplying total solution signaling system with state of the art technology more economically and with faster execution time.

Products and Services

Our services to our clients vary depending on their unique requirement. We have tailor-made solution for any individual client. Some clients need only one system or a combination of those, we have solution for them. Some clients are looking for total and turnkey based solution, we are at their service.

Design and Development

We have a dedicated team of well experienced and qualified engineers who are involved in design and development of new systems based on market requirements and improving our previous systems based on newer available technologies. We quickly adopt our products based on the state of the art technologies in hardware and software. Our design in hardware and software is based on the industry standards and we follow all the directives to ensure the quality and safety of our systems. We have distinguished hardware and software design and development groups which take advantage of most advanced design and development techniques and tools.


We have dedicated Project Engineering team for turnkey projects, who are well experienced to verify the requirements of the clients, arrange for field surveys and field engineering services and provide specified customized solution for our clients. After getting the approvals from the clients, Project Engineering team would provide the drawings, LOMs, manufacturing and project execution time schedule and then supervise the execution of the project to ensure a smooth and on time delivery of products and services to the clients.

Installation & Commissioning

We have wealth of experience and a range of self-owned Rail Road and special machinery for the majority of activities required for installation and commissioning of our systems in Main line and Mass Transit Railway.
Mobilization, Warehouse Setup & Inventory and Project Management are scope of work in Turnkey projects.
Thanks to the modularity of our systems and using prefabricated connections, the installation and commissioning of our systems is a simple and quick task. We take care of all steps in installation and commissioning of our systems and deliver the ready to use system to our clients.

Quality Policy

Maharan Eng. Co; was established in 1986, is dedicated professionally to design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after sales services for railway signaling systems, in both main line and urban, for the local and global market.
Based on ISO9001: 2015, quality management system, the following goals are set for the Company activities:

  1. Customer satisfaction and reliance by on time delivery of products and services, at competitive prices and competent quality; diversity in products and services based on today and future of customer requirements and technology advancements.
  2. Compliance with the related standards in all the products life cycles.
  3. Continues supervision of all the processes to preserve the achieved levels of system’s performances and to improve them continuously.
  4. Improve quality of products and processes by using the recent scientific and technical advancements.
  5. Improve the required products supply chain in line with technological advancements.
  6. Active presence in international market.
  7. Development of professional and technical skills of employees to meet the required levels of quality and safety of products and processes to achieve organizational sustainability.

Company management is committed to and does its utmost efforts to:

  • Improve the quality of products by guiding all the employee’s efforts and by saving the required supplies
  • Keep Company dynamics by isolating obstacles
  • Total quality improvements

Company quality policy targets and goals, set above, are committed to be revised and modified in periodical dedicated management revision meetings




EPC Projects:
Isfahan metro, Line 1
Tehran metro, Line 3
Shiraz metro, Line 1
Tehran metro, Line 4
ATC and intermediate block sections for 930 Km, main line Tehran-Mashhad
Signaling and ATC systems for 68 railway stations in South- North line
Signaling systems for 19 railway stations in Shoorab-Badrood-Meybod line
Signaling systems for 1000 Km, main line Bafgh-Mashhad
Signaling systems for 18 railway stations in Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman districts


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Working Hours

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