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We design and manufacture diversified train protection systems
ATX351 product line consists of ETCS LEVEL 1
Mixed ETCS with local infill solutions and ATP/ATO for Urban railway


We design and manufacture diversified train protection systems.ATX351 product line consists of ETCS LEVEL I, Mixed ETCS with local infill solutions and ATP/ATO for Urban railway


Mixed ETCS With Local Infill Solutions
ETCS standard has covered most of the required safety and operational aspects of the train protection system. There is an irresistible trend in railways to have other infill or substitute media to communicate from wayside to onboard with local systems, or upgradable capabilities.
This desire is mainly rooted in to have a reliable and cost effective solution by employing and/or upgrading local equipments. We have the experience of mixed ETCS with local infill solutions for a 2000Km line.
Audio track circuits are upgraded as wayside unit of ATC/ATP in station area, cable loops are installed for infill; but Balises are used as standard ETCS LI communicating media.
Transit trains which are equipped with ETCS on board could safely move in ATX351 equipped area; thanks to standard Balises. Trains which are equipped with the full featured ACX351 system are fully protected in running and shunting movements.
Data format are different between Balises and other infill media but both have similar signaling information. For AX351 equipped trains, Balises and other data sources are redundant i.e. failure in reception from one source could be compensated by the other available source.

Structure and Operational Units

Onboard unit

  • principle processing module 2 out of 3
  • Balise Decoder Module
  • Odometer Interface Module
  • Track / Loop Interface Module
  • BTM (Balise Transmission Module)
  • MMI ( Man Machine Interface)

Wayside unit

  • Track Circuit: Telegrams are transmitted continuously to the onboard unit via digital audio frequency track circuits.
  • Loops: Telegrams are sent by loops on the same format and frequency as track circuits.
  • Balise: Active and Passive based on ETCS standard.

ATP/ATO for Urban Railway


  • Maximum permitted speed and target distance
  • Audible warning, traction cut off, service brake intervention, emergency brake intervention are hierarchy of reactions to speed/distance violation



The following features are supported; under driver’s surveillance or driverless:

  • Precision stop at platform
  • Train/platform doors control
  • Slow/Normal/Fast/Optimum power consumption speed strategies
  • Ordinary/Limited Express/ Express movement strategies
  • Automatic turn back

ETCS Level 1

Train control, based on European Train Control System standard, is an obligatory overlay solution for train protection in Europe but is spreading in other areas of the world. We develop all required hardware and software. Thanks to the harmonized standard each subsystem could also be provided from any of the accepted suppliers.


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